“Test, don’t guess”

What is Chiropractic?

Did you know that your nervous system controls every aspect of your health?

Comprising of your brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that run throughout your body, your nervous system demonstrates an intricate relationship that impacts the function of your muscles, organs, glands, and cells. The core foundation of chiropractic is to care for the body’s nervous system.

What Happens When the Nervous System Doesn’t Work Right?

Stress is the number one enemy of the nervous system! Nervous system stressors can be physical (whiplash from a car accident), mental (constant worrying), and chemical (toxic pollution). While your brain has a great ability to adapt to various stressors, after a significant or prolonged stressor it hits a point where it says, “Enough is enough, I can’t do this anymore!” It then begins to triage function, or create neurologic short-cuts. Your brain will make sure your heart is still beating, but it may not make sure the muscles in your lower back are getting all the information they need to function properly. These neurologic short cuts create “bad brain habits,” or subluxations.

A subluxation is a neurologic imbalance that results in impaired physiology and distortions in the body. Or put another way, a subluxation is a miscommunication between the brain and body. For example, chronic stress can lead to impaired immune system function and distortions in the spine. Chiropractors are uniquely trained to detect and treat these subluxations. The adjustment that we apply acts as a neurologic pattern interrupt, allowing your brain to reset its connections and correct the bad habits it has created.

Neurologically-Based Chiropractic

Many people think chiropractic is just the cracking and popping of the spine and other joints to help relieve various aches and pains of the body. While this symptom relief is often the result of an adjustment, the effect on the nervous system is far greater than just pain relief. This is how chiropractors are able to help people with bedwetting, ear infections, asthma, high blood pressure, and so much more! Some chiropractors may choose to focus on symptom relief, biomechanics, or posture, but neurologically-based chiropractors believe these are symptoms of a malfunctioning nervous system, and not isolated problems in themselves.

By removing stressors to the nervous system through a specific, chiropractic adjustment that allows the body to heal itself, neurologically based chiropractors are able to help people return to doing the things they love without the use of drugs and surgery. This is what we love to do at Fully Alive Chiropractic; release the innate healing powers of the body and watch lives become restored.

We would love to have you stop by the office and give us the opportunity to check how your nervous system is functioning today!