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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is the art of helping the body’s nervous system restore natural balance and healthier function.

Chiropractors do this by correcting subluxations. What is a subluxation? A subluxation is a neurologic short cut that your body has created during times of stress that impairs function. While your brain has a great ability to adapt to various stressors, after a significant or prolonged stressor it hits a point where it says, “Enough is enough, I can’t do this anymore!” It then begins to triage function, or create neurologic short-cuts.Your brain will make sure your heart is still beating, but it may not make sure the muscles in your lower back are getting all the information they need to function properly. 

These neurologic short cuts create “bad brain habits,” or subluxations. A subluxation is a neurologic imbalance that results in impaired physiology and distortions in the body. Or put another way, a subluxation is a miscommunication between the brain and body.

The chiropractic adjustment we apply during care acts as a neurologic pattern interrupt, allowing your brain to reset its connections and correct the bad habits it has created. Dr. Siebenaller is uniquely trained in a combination of chiropractic techniques, including Applied Kinesiology, Logan Basic, Neuro-emotional technique, and Koren Specific Technique, to find and correct any subluxations you may have.

The public’s misconception of what the chiropractic adjustment does is the greatest challenge of the chiropractic profession. Most people think that the adjustment moves joints and/or bones. While that appears to be what we do, it is far from the real benefit of the chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment stimulates a complex nervous system response. The adjustment has the power to alter the body’s physiology so that it can return to a normal, healthy state.

Here are just some of the amazing chiropractic testimonies we have seen in our office over the years:

  • Elimination of bed-wetting in a child
  • Carpal Tunnel healed
  • Reversal of Type-2 Diabetes
  • Chronic headaches and migraines reduced
  • Sciatica pain relieved
  • reduction in concussion symptoms
  • eliminating chronic neck & back pain
  • healing leaky gut
  • relief of chronic Lyme symptoms
  • identifying the cause and then eliminating eczema
  • Elimination of reflux and constipation in newborns and babies

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that was developed by Dr. George Goodheart in 1964 which evaluates structural, biochemical and mental/emotional aspects of an individual’s health. Applied Kinesiology primarily utilizes manual muscle testing techniques and responses to biofeedback and other neurologic stimulation as a means to uncover imbalance in the body. AK looks to the inherent relationships of certain groups of muscles and specific internal organs or systems to give the doctor an “inside look” at a potential problem. Applied Kinesiology allows the doctor to treat your body as an individual instead of using a “one size fits all” type of approach as is found generally in healthcare. Using Applied Kinesiology allows us to not only treat musculoskeletal conditions, but also work with disorders related to organs or body systems as well as mental/emotional issues that a patient may be suffering from.

Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Pediatric Care

Preconception health is your health BEFORE pregnancy, and is SO important! Gaining heath prior to conception isn’t about getting pregnant, it’s about giving your unborn child the best chance at a healthy, thriving life. This applies to both moms and dads!

• Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress and balance your nervous system, allowing your body to be in the parasympathetic “rest and digest” state of healing—which is also the optimal state for conception.

• Lab work to make sure you are in an ideal state of nutrient health for conception. Having this information ahead of time will allow you to supplement appropriately prior to conception, so your body has all of the minerals and nutrients it needs to achieve a healthy, viable pregnancy.

Trouble conceiving? PCOS? Our office can try and help you by restoring physical function through chiropractic, determining if there are any hormone imbalances through DUTCH lab testing, and using morphogenic field technique to see if there are any nutrient deficiencies. There is hope for you!

Making Pregnancy Easier


• Correcting the Sacral and Pelvic Misalignments
• Restoring normal tone to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the pelvis
• Balancing Pelvic Nervous System Function The goal of chiropractic care for anyone, including pregnant females, is to restore normal neurologic function to the body.


• Shorter Deliveries
• Less tearing in the mother
• Decreased C-section rates
• Pain medication use cut in half
• Decreased pain and discomfort during pregnancy
• Increased rates of full-term pregnancy
WEBSTER TECHNIQUE Webster Technique utilizes gentle adjustments and soft tissue work to normalize alignment and neural, muscle, ligament, and tendon tone and improve neuro-biomechanical function of the sacral and pelvic region

Helping Kids Thrive:
The period from birth to age two is the most dynamic and important phase of brain development in humans. It is a critical period in the child’s neurodevelopment. THE FIRST SUBLUXATION Studies have shown that more than 90% of children are born with misalignments in their neck arising from the birthing process.

• The average time from the onset of labor to the birth of the baby was lowered from an average of 13-16 hours to just 5 hours.
• The fastest birth time during the study was 15 minutes
• The C-section rate was 4% vs. the national rate of 39%
• 3% of women in the study required an episiotomy, while on average, 50% of women have the procedure.
• An 11.7lb. baby was born without any tearing in the mother.
• There was only 1 breech birth during the study
BREECH POSITION When a baby is in breech position, their feet are pointed down, and the head is vertical. Normal delivery position is with the head pointed down and feet up.
• 87.2% of breech presentations are delivered by C-Section
• 42% of breech babies have scoliosis
• 20-25% have deformities such as torticollis and club foot, amongst others
• 50% had hip dislocations
• Increased rate of neurodevelopmental delays
Chiropractic care, including the Webster technique, has been shown to help the body naturally rotate breech babies into proper position for birth.

Correcting these misalignments can help with: • Colic
• Ear Infections
• Sleep Difficulties
• Allergies
• Bronchitis • Eczema
• Torticollis
• Scoliosis
• breastfeeding issues and latch, and much more!

The chiropractic adjustment for an infant is incredibly gentle and safe. The pressure used is the same as if you were to test the ripeness of a tomato. Babies’ necks and spines are mostly made of cartilage at this stage and their support muscles are not fully developed yet. Very little pressure is required to encourage joint mobility. We just hold our finger position on the affected segment and wait for baby’s body to relax and do the rest. A lot of babies even fall asleep during their adjustment!

Emotional Work

Chiropractic is the art of helping the body’s nervous system restore natural balance and healthier function.

Chiropractors do this by correcting subluxations. What is a subluxation? A subluxation is a neurologic short cut that your body has created during times of stress that impairs function. While your brain has a great ability to adapt to various stressors, after a significant or prolonged stressor it hits a point where it says, “Enough is enough, I can’t do this anymore!” It then begins to triage function, or create neurologic short-cuts.Your brain will make sure your heart is still beating, but it may not make sure the muscles in your lower back are getting all the information they need to function properly. 

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

NET is a technique we use with patients who are not holding their chiropractic adjustments. In addition, people who are experiencing huge life changes or have past or current traumas can greatly benefit from NET. We all have varying degrees of mental/emotional stress that can impact our health and NET is an effective neurological and physiological approach in clearing your body’s stress.

We always remind our patients that subluxations can be caused by thoughts, physical traumas, and toxins. Sometimes the body can hold a subluxation due to an emotional reason, and the only way to clear it is to deal with the emotional root cause. This is where neuro-emotional technique (NET) comes into play.

NET uses manual muscle testing to identify “negative emotional complexes” that are being stored in the body, and helps release or resolve them.

Body reflex points and other physiological reactions are recorded to pinpoint and confirm the connections and existence of:

  • Stuck emotions
  • Negative emotions
  • Lingering emotional charges
  • Memory pictures of unresolved events (real or imagined)


Dr. Siebenaller uses a light adjustment technique to help clear the emotional pattern stored in the body, which removes the physical subluxation.

It is important to know that NET is not counseling or talk-therapy, and you will not have to discuss in length any emotional experience that is found.

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a powerful method of finding and releasing trapped negative emotions that have been stored in the body through our subconscious minds’ desire to protect us from further suffering.

What is a trapped emotion? A trapped emotion is an emotion that was not fully processed at the time of a negative past event and is now lodged or trapped somewhere in the body. Because we humans are essentially energetic beings, that emotion is experienced as a trapped energy that blocks the body from healing itself. It can express itself physically, mentally or emotionally.

It is possible to let go of negative emotions by allowing ourselves to experience them, but we don’t usually do this so they become trapped. With emotional release therapy, and specifically the Emotion Code technique, we can find and easily release your trapped emotions.Emotion Code utilizes muscle testing and energy rebalancing.

How do you release trapped emotions?
The energy of the trapped emotion is released by swiping the hand, which has a slight magnetic charge, or a magnet down the Governing Meridian, which acupuncturists have identified as the main pathway of energy that leads from the head to the base of the spine.

Emotions profoundly affect the quality of our life. Our experience of low frequency emotions, like fear and anger, feel very different from our experience of high frequency emotions, like love and gratitude. The latter creates the powerful brain and heart coherence that regulates our nervous system, creates balance, and allows our body to heal. Releasing trapped negative emotions can help remove imbalances, allowing your body to move forward with the healing process.

Functional Medicine/Labs/Supplements

Functional medicine is an approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease using lab testing.

Did you know that when you have blood work drawn, each hospital or lab uses a different “normal range” to diagnose with? This means Dayton, Seattle, and Chicago will all have different “normal ranges.” The “normal range” can even vary year-to-year based on the changing averages that particular location sees!

If by chance your blood results deteriorate over time, traditional medicine will just watch and monitor those worsening values until you are outside of their normal range, after which they can diagnose you with a disease.
With functional medicine, we use a narrower range when looking at blood work—not to diagnose—but to catch potential problems sooner and help you stay in a healthy, functional range. This is designed to keep you healthy and not just ‘not sick’.

Instead of trying to diagnose what is going on in you, and then give a pharmaceutical drug to stop the symptoms, the functional nutrition approach prompts us to ask why your symptoms are occurring, and aims to restore normal physiologic function by addressing the root cause.

Functional Nutrition is a system of assessing individual nutrition needs. By incorporating functional medicine and nutritional response testing, we are able to evaluate what foundational nutrients your body requires, what cells are being stressed, and what is causing that stress.

Here is an example of a traditional normal range vs. a functional lab range:

We offer a variety of labs through Labcorp and Principal Labs, including, but not limited to:

•Blood sugar analysis
•Cardiovascular analysis
•Infection analysis
•Electrolyte analysis

•Anemia analysis
•Thyroid analysis
•Lipid analysis

•Liver & Biliary analysis
•Vitamin D

We also offer functional tests such as:

DUTCH hormonal testing     |    CyrexArrays    |     Vibrant America

For blood draws, we can typically run your labs through your in-network insurance. However, we do have access to lab coops for patients who do not wish to utilize their insurance, or who do not have in-network benefits.


Many times there are problems with absorption of, or just a plain lack of nutrients in our diets. Even those eating the best types of foods can be deficient in some of the most basic nutrients like minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.

At our office we always test, never guess, any supplements you may need. We do not use generic “protocols”, but determine any needs through muscle testing, or, if desired by the patient, lab work. Muscles serve as a reliable way to check for nerve pathways compromised by nutritional deficiency. Our brain and heart run make electrical pulses. This is how we read heart scans, EKGs, and brain waves. Because of this, our body has an electrical field. Ourpractitioners use muscle testing through either Applied Kinesiology (AK) or Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT).

For example, a patient with hypoadrenia might feel tired and experience light-headedness, immune system problems and tired feet. Blood tests might not show abnormal cortisol levels until the condition is advanced. On the other hand, the practitioner skilled in AK or MFT may spot the adrenal insufficiency before it appears in bloodwork.

Supplement companies we commonly use:

Detox Programs& Parasite Cleanses: In addition to supplements, we do muscle test patients who are interested in a detox programs and parasite cleanses. We typically recommend the 21-Day Purification Program or the 28-Day Detox from Standard Process for detoxing, or a CellCore parasite cleanse, but we can discuss your needs and goals at your appointment to decide which program is best for you.

Health Coaching

We are passionate about getting to the root causes of your health problems, and many times, the root causes are diet and lifestyle.However, diet and lifestyle changes can be long and difficult to overcome. 

They involve habit change, discipline, and accountability.You may have identified the specific things that you need to avoid or add into your lifestyle, but there often isn’t enough knowledge on how to change your habits, how to change your grocery shopping, how to better resolve relational issues that are causing stress, etc.

This is where Jenny, APRN, and health coaching comes in.

She provides accountability, coaching, and personalized education based on your health needs, working from two foundational truths:
1. You are unique: Your physiology and symptoms exist because of a myriad of factors that are singular to you. You are an individual with a particular history, body and lifestyle. You also have goals and dreams that are unique to you. Jenny works with all of these factors to create a custom-made plan.
2. There are likely many root causes to your symptoms: Alzheimer’s researcher Dr. Dale Bredesen coined the term “36 holes in the roof” to describe chronic illness. There are many factors impacting your health, and you need to address them all. There is no single pill or protocol that will help you get well. We need to help you find all the holes in your particular roof, and plug as many of them as possible.

Jenny's Services Include:

-30 min, 45 min, and 1 hour appointments (based on need.)
-A full history and intake process.
-Mutual goal setting to improve health outcomes.
-Messaging outside of appointments for accountability.
-Nutrition guidance.

-Help getting a fitness program together/weight loss.
-Muscle testing for food sensitivities, if needed.
-Lab work, if needed.
-Emotion Code.
-Partnering with Dr. Nate and/or your conventional medicine team, when necessary.

There are four components of Jenny’s unique process:

1. Identify & Remove Inflammation
This step aims to help you reduce systemic inflammation (the cause of so many symptoms). We consider this non-negotiable. Without taking this step, it’s difficult to be well.
2. Target Remaining Symptoms
Once systemic inflammation has been removed, we’ll work on targeting any additional nutrient or lifestyle deficiencies that might be getting in the way of healing.
3. Customization
Jenny will take into consideration your current situation; life demands, preferences, and unique history so that she can create a custom plan that feels right to you and evolves with your progress and your needs. She will work with you to adjust as necessary along the way.
4. Connection and Empowerment
This means emotional support and accountability as you navigate habit and lifestyle change. Jenny will empower you to take charge of your health, feel confident in your decisions, and give you guidance using a nutrition-based, holistic approach. You won’t go through this alone!

Lingual Food

This is a way to determine food sensitivities and intolerances that does not involve blood work. It involves placing the food in the mouth and using manual muscle testing to determine if the food causes a stress response in the body or not.

Common food components that patients test are: gluten, dairy, nightshades, eggs, soy, and corn.

After scheduling this service, we send you home with detailed instructions on what kinds of foods to bring to the appointment and how to prepare them.
Patients can typically test around 15 different foods/drinks during an appointment. You will leave with valuable, real-time information on foods that may not be ideal for your body.

Nervous System

Discover what your stressors are and improve your nervous system’s responses to those stressors.
What is a Nervous System Evaluation & why should I consider having this done? A Nervous System Evaluation is a non-invasive test which allows us to assess your patient-specific response to and recovery from a cognitive, emotional, and physical stressor. By looking at these results, we are able to understand how your brain and nervous system are functioning. We can then suggest specific strategies to encourage your nervous system’s proper response to stress.


Heart Sound Recorder (Endocardiograph)

The Endocardiograph: determining nutrition for a healthy heart. Your heart is the most important muscle in the body. Every day it beats 100,000 times, sending 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels.To function optimally, it is vital that the heart have the proper nutritional balance present in the body to maintain its correct rate, rhythm and tone. Dr. Royal Lee of Standard Process®, along with a number of revered practitioners of his time, believed that disease was nothing more than malnutrition. These early practitioners determined that the heart almost instantly reflected changes in body chemistry.

Dr. Lee then set out to build a sound recording device that would be beneficial for observing the effects of nutrition on the heart. From that, the Endocardiograph was created. It is an instrument designed to observe the heart sounds and motion through which practitioners gain insight into specific nutritional deficiencies. Although the original Endocardiograph was created in 1934, restored Endocardiographs are still very much in use today. The Endocardiograph is a non-invasive procedure where a specialized microphone is placed over each of the four valves of the heart. The Endocardiograph then graphs the sound and movement of the heart so that the rate, rhythm, and tone of the heart may be evaluated. Your heart absorbs nutrients very quickly for the reason that your body is primarily concerned with keeping it beating. Dr. Lee determined which whole food nutrients would restore the correct rate, rhythm and tone of the heart. Then, when proper nutrition is supplied to the body, the improvement in the heart is reflected i~ subsequent graphs, often within minutes. The Endocardiograph can be an important tool in evaluating your overall health and then in following the progress you are making when under proper nutritional care. The correction in the nutritional status of the heart then also reflects throughout the body in greater endurance, ability to rest, and overall wellbeing.

PREPARING for an Endocardiograph Evaluation:

• Do not eat 2 hours prior to the test as sounds of digestion can mask a solid reading of the heart
• Do not drink caffeine prior to the test…. unless you want to see the effects of the caffeine on your heart’s rate, rhythm and tone
• Give yourself a relaxed time frame around your scheduled appointment. Arrive 10 minutes early to be able to relax and come to center. Also leave yourself some flexible time after the appointment. Being anxious of a tight schedule and where you need to be next can hamper the test.
• Be dressed so that you can comfortably get down to one thinner layer of clothing. (The microphone does fine listening through one layer)

Cold Laser

Cold laser is a form of light therapy. We use a GVL from Erchonia, which is the first and only FDA cleared green-violet laser, as well as the world’s most energetic laser.

Why cold laser? Cold laser technology is designed to effectively target muscles and tissues and promote natural healing. Low-level lasers stimulate the body’s light-sensitive components to produce an effect similar to photosynthesis in plants — the cells’ mitochondria are stimulated, encouraging the cell to produce more ATP naturally. This helps you heal faster.
Cold laser can be used for:
-Pain & inflammation
-The brain
-The gut
-The skin
-The immune system


In order to understand the importance of biofeedback sessions, it is important to first understand the difference between the sympathetic (flight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems.
Imagine you are hiking in the woods. You turn the corner and standing in front of you is a bear! The startle/stress response that happens automatically inside of you is controlled by your sympathetic nervous system. Your heart rate will get faster, your breathing rate increases, your hands will get sweaty, your eyes will dilate, and your hands will get colder as the blood mostly leaves both your fingers and your digestive organs in order to go to your big muscles to fight the threat or run away (fight-or-flight response).
This response is all well and good in the right context. However, most Americans are running around daily in a constant stressed-out state. This stress can be caused by mental thoughts (feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, relationship strain, etc.), physical traumas (subluxations, injuries, etc.), and chemical toxins (food additives, dyes, prescriptions, etc.)

Learning to control your heart rate, breathing rate, muscle tone in your shoulders, hand temperature, how sweaty your hands get, or even change your brainwaves is just like learning to putt a golf ball.

As you hit the ball, you get feedback on if you did it right or not as you see where the ball goes. You then modify your shot based on your previous results until you get it right.

When practicing biofeedback, you focus on your body while you get feedback from a monitor. This positive feedback tells you whether you are doing it correctly or incorrectly. By changing what your mind focuses on, you change the resulting physiology.

Biofeedback is a mind-body intervention that teaches people to lower sympathetic (fight or flight) arousal. The areas we typically train in biofeedback sessions are diaphragmatic breathing, heart rate variability, heart rate, hand temperature, and skin conductance (hand sweat).

What does a session consist of/look like?

Step One: patient completes a nervous system evaluation to determine areas to target
Step Two: Let’s say a patient exhibits chronic low hand temperature throughout the evaluation, which consists of a series of activities and rests. This is a sign of chronic stress, as the body should raise hand temperature during rest, and lower it during activities.
Step Three: During biofeedback, the individual would have a thermometer attached to their finger. During the session, the patient will be able to see their current hand temperature projected on a screen, and can work on raising it through relaxation techniques, such as diaphragmatic breathing and mental imagery.
Overtime, learning this skill does a few things:
1) It helps the patient learn how to objectively relax, and remove themselves from a constant fight or flight response, improving nervous system health
2) It helps retrain the brain to adapt to stress appropriately. A chronically stressed brain triages function, and often keep blood out of the hands at all times, even when not stressed. By retraining the brain to rest, this helps restore proper autonomic function of the body, improving health.
Do you have constantly cold and clammy hands? A combination of neurologically-based chiropractic and biofeedback may be what you need!

As one learns to control their nervous system through biofeedback, the body is able to heal as it was designed.

Biofeedback has been shown to help with

•Anxiety, Depression, and ADD/ADHD
•High Blood Pressure
•Muscle Spasms

•TMJ Disorder
•Sleep Difficulty

•Digestive Problems – Constipation, IBS, and Diarrhea
•And just about any other condition made worse by stress


At Fully Alive, we take brain health seriously. We know that many patients cannot get true, lasting health changes without changing the neural pattern in their brains. Our goal is to treat the rootcause, not the symptoms. This is why we not only scan the brainwaves of all of our patients, but why we have chosen the Braintap headset as one tool to help rewire inefficient brainwave patterns in our patients. The Braintap headset uses light frequencies, auriculotherapy, binaural beats and isochronic tones, holographic music, and guided visualization to take advantage of the brain’s frequency following response (the brain’s natural desire to match the firing pattern of frequencies).
Braintap is able to help:
•remove brain fog and negative thinking
•provide more energy
•promote relaxation and healthy sleep patterns
•do away with unwanted habits & behaviors
•enhance memory and focus
•target specific brainwaves that either need to be augmented or minimized

The BrainTap features harmonizing tones synchronized with gentle light pulses that travel through the ear meridians and the retina of the eye to send direct signals to the brain. This guides you into a deep relaxing state, and is called the frequency following response, which helps achieve results faster.

By making your way through the different sessions and programs, your brain will start to go through changes, or neuroplasticity. Through repeated practice, over time, the desired change can become permanently rewired.
The BrainTap is a great way to relax, reboot, and strengthen your busy brain!

Sign up for free trial:

BrainTap Device – Fully Alive

We rent headsets out of the office, or they can be purchased.


We partner with Mindful Wellness Medical Theromography to offer thermography to patients in our office. Please visit their website to learn more, and reach out to them directly to schedule at our office.