“Test, don’t guess”

Who We Are

Our Mission:

“To empower people to live Fully Alive by releasing the innate ability of the body to heal and thrive.”

Fully Alive Integrative Health

Our prayer is that the healing that takes place through Fully Alive Integrative Health would ultimately point people to Jesus Christ, the true Healer and only source of a Fully Alive life. Although we currently live in a broken world with pain and disease, one day Jesus will make all things new! Our prayer is that you come to know Him and encounter His healing work in your life.

Core Values:

Meet the Team

Dr. Nathan Siebenaller

B.S. | B.A. | D.C.

Applied Kinesiology, Koren Specific Technique, Logan Basic Technique

Dr. Siebenaller grew up in the small town of Bascom, Ohio with his parents and three older brothers. Following a botched somersault at the age of three, he ended up with a painful pinched nerve in his neck. It was then that his mother took him to the chiropractor for his first chiropractic adjustment. He began to see the chiropractor more routinely in high school, even when he didn’t have any complaints. This helped keep the three-sport athlete healthy and injury-free. It was during this time that Dr. Siebenaller began to contemplate a career in chiropractic.

Dr. Siebenaller went on to play football and earn a degree in exercise science at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.It was there that he met his wife, Lauren, at a Bible study called, “Fully Alive” (the inspiration for the clinic name!). After getting married, the Siebenallers moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where Nathan would graduate Magna Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic. 

While in school Dr. Siebenaller became certified in Applied Kinesiology and Koren Specific Technique because of their unique ability to more quickly and accurately find the cause of subluxation. Dr. Siebenaller spent his last semester of school interning in the Dayton, Ohio area, and realized this was a community that would both utilize and benefit from neurologically-based chiropractic. With the opening of Fully Alive Chiropractic, Dr. Siebenaller plans on using his time and energy to help the area of Springboro thrive and live life to the fullest.

Dr. Siebenaller is looking forward to serving your family by providing quality specific, scientific chiropractic care!

Jenny Geitgey

(MS, RN, Functional Lifestyle and Nutritional Counselor)

Jenny Geitgey serves as our Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor at Fully Integrative Health. She has taken several functional medicine courses and holds certifications from the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and Functional Nutrition Alliance. Jenny is a certified fitness instructor, registered nurse, mom of 3, and natural born encourager. Jenny has taken additional coursework on solutions focused counseling, neuro linguistic programming, and various aspects of discipleship/mentorship. She regularly serves in her local church and enjoys connecting with people.

Jenny developed a love for movement and fitness at a young age; she played HS athletics, club soccer in college, and became a fitness instructor by age 21. She received an ROTC scholarship and served 4 years as an active duty Air Force nurse upon graduation from her BSN at Xavier University. Jenny furthered her education by obtaining a clinical masters in nursing at Wright State University in 2006. She is an advanced practice nurse holding the title of Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist.

As a nurse of 23 years, Jenny has worked in many clinical settings. She has traveled the world as a career military spouse. She has a love for people and truly enjoys meeting them where they are at. Jenny is interested in getting to the root cause of your disease or symptoms. Ultimately, she gravitated toward functional nutrition because she grew tired of seeing the medicating of symptoms in the conventional system. She was also frustrated with the time limitations of short visits that left little time to truly partner with the patient

Jenny operates from 2 foundational truths:

1.You are unique: Your physiology and symptoms exist because of a myriad of factors that are singular to you. You are
an individual with a particular history, body and lifestyle. You also have goals and dreams that are unique to you. I work with all of these factors to create a custom made plan.

2.There are likely many root causes to your symptoms: Alzheimer’s researcher Dr. Dale Bredesen coined the term “36 holes in the roof” to describe chronic illness. There are many factors impacting your health, and you need to address them all. There is no single pill or protocol that will help you get well. We need to help you find all the holes in your particular roof, and plug as many of them as possible

Click below to learn about Jenny’s services:

  • Health Coaching(link to this page)
  • Nervous SystemEvaluation(link to this page)
  • Lab interpretation(link to functional medicine page)
  • Food Testing(link to this page)
  • Muscle testing(link to functional medicine page)
  • Emotion Code(link to this page)

Andi Polan


Andi has enjoyed working in chiropractic offices since she moved to southern Ohio over 30 years ago. She has been with Fully Alive Chiropractic since 2016, and has enjoyed watching our patients embrace their health journeys and an excitement for wellness. Andi is married to a great husband named Dave, and they have a beagle named Duke, who loves walks in the woods. Andi and Dave have two grown daughters and three grandchildren, one girl and two boys. Andi enjoys doing special projects with them. She loves her leisure time doing reading and watching Christmas movies all year round

Lauren Siebenaller

(Office Manager)

Wife to Dr. Nathan, Lauren has been around Fully Alive from its inception. She is captivated by the ability of the body to heal itself, and considers supporting her husband in his calling as one of her greatest privileges and blessings. After teaching high school for six years, she decided to work full time at the office from 2018 2023 doing nervous system evaluations, biofeedback, heart sound recorders, and whatever else needed done. After having their first child in 2023, Lauren is home most days, but pops into the office from time to time. She loves good food, a strong cup of coffee, running their dog, Ziva, and volleyball.

Kate Campbell

(Front Desk)

Kate started working at Fully Alive in the summer of 2023. She is a full time college student at Liberty University, and is pursuing a business degree with a focus on digital marketing. When not at the office, she spends her free time writing fiction, riding horses, and exploring hiking trails on nearby nature reserves. She is passionate about chiropractic and holistic healthcare, and is excited to be part of a practice that seeks to empower people to improve their health.

Peggy Kolonay

(Office Administrator/Front Desk)

Peggy is one of the admins at Fully Alive Integrative Health, working for Dr. Siebenaller & Lauren since the practice began. She’s excited to be part of such a great office! In her spare time she likes to travel, cook, read, puzzle, and hike.