“Test, don’t guess”

What To Expect

First Visit

Because visiting a new doctor can be stressful, we at Fully Alive Chiropractic want to do everything we can to make your visit a pleasant experience! We want our patients to feel at ease when they walk into the office, so we make sure to have a warm welcome. We also provide our new patient forms online so that you don’t feel rushed or anxious to get them done in the office. 

The first visit will last approximately an hour and will comprise of information gathering. We will have a consultation, perform a Stress Response Evaluation using the Neuroinfiniti, and conduct an examination.


During the consultation we will have a simple conversation on what your health history is, what is going on, and what your health goals are. We will then discuss what strategies we can use to improve your quality of life.  The examination may also consist of taking vitals, neurological reflexes, range of motion, and muscle testing to gain a functional neurological assessment of your nervous system.


The Stress Response Evaluation is a non-invasive computerized evaluation that measures skin temperature, skin conductance, respiratory rate, muscle tension, heart rate, heart rate variability, and brain waves. This will give us an objective reading on the state of your nervous system by measuring your physiologic response to cognitive, emotional, and physical stressors. We will use this information later to keep track of your progress at re-evaluation.

(Visit 2)Report of Findings

The second visit will be approximately a half hour. We will go over the information gained from visit one and outline the customized plan that we have made based on your results. You are welcome to bring family on the second day so they can be educated on the steps you are taking to become more fully alive!

Download New Patient Forms