“Test, don’t guess”

Training Your Brain

At Fully Alive Chiropractic, we combine chiropractic care with new scientific and technological advances. By implementing the use of the Neuroinfiniti, we are able to objectively analyze the state of a patient’s nervous system and its physiologic response to stress with the Stress Response Evaluation. We are also able to train the brain with neurofeedback in order to balance brain wave output.

The days of believing you are stuck with the brain you have are in the past. We now know that your brain is able to adapt and form new connections. This ability to change your brain is called neuroplasticity, and is being researched by many scientists looking for cures to ADD/ADHD, dementia, depression, recovery from stroke, and much more!

The Neuroinfiniti is a state-of-the-art, research grade technology that utilizes neurofeedback to help you train your brain. Using it is like exercise for your brain! When you lifting weights at the gym, you build muscle. When you exercise your brain using neurofeedback, you make new synapses, or connections between neurons. This allows your brain to engage correctly and send out the right brain waves at the appropriate time.

While the Stress Response Evaluation gives as a broad picture of how the brain and nervous system responds to stress, in order to determine how to appropriately train the brain, we must perform a more specific analysis, or mapping of the brain. This is called the Clinical Q.

The Clinical Q was developed by psychologist Dr. Swingle to specifically map the activity of the brain at 5 different locations. The brainwave patterns measured often describes the person’s symptoms and behaviors. Our patients have been astonished with the accuracy of the Clinical Q readings!

Based on the findings of this test, we will recommend a treatment approach.

It is well known that diet and nutrition play a large role in neurologic issue due to the gut-brain-axis. Therefore, we may analyze diet and recommend nutrition supplements.

Chiropractic will also be considered. The adjustment is a great neurologic pattern interrupt. Breaking the chronic brain wave pattern with the adjustment and then receiving neurofeedback training can greatly enhance the effects of the brain training.

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